Die Cutting

150RedHiddenLace.jpgCheck out our 150 Red Hidden Lacing.  The covered lacing keeps the cutting die away from the metallic lacing, thus offering a good performance feature, in addition to reduced down-time in replacing the belt on the machine.


150 Red Hidden Lacing – – See the video below


Nylon cutting belts for “kiss-cut” precision

diecuttingSupplied for Atom, Cox & Wright, Sysco (Associated Pacific Machine),  Samco Strong die cutting systems, Schoen & Sandt, and  Freeman/Schwabe die cutting systems.
Outlasts urethane covered belts 4 to 6 times. (Belt life depends upon application and operations.)

Repairable: often these belts can be repaired, thus prolonging belt life.

Cuts a variety of materials including fine textiles, gasket materials, carpet, vinyl tile, and automotive upholstery.

An extremely hard cutting belt, 85 durometer shore D, provides for a flat cutting surface that does not require penetration to obtain clean cuts on difficult-to-cut materials. This product can also be used as a cutting pad for clicker applications.

Shipment within 10 working days; popular sizes are available off-the-shelf.