The company was founded in 1939 by V.B. Splawn.  He started manufacturing loom parts at home while he worked in the weave room for Burlington Mills.  These parts, called temple rolls, kept tension on the fabric as it was woven.  Burlington saw the value in his products and encouraged him to leave the mill and produce these parts full time. Burlington Mills even financed his operation until he became self-sufficient. When V.B.’s son Jerry joined the company, it became known as V.B. Splawn & Son  The company also supplied roll coverings and later, spindle drive belts for yarn machinery.

temple_rolls_smEventually, the looms on which these rolls were used became obsolete, and the emphasis then turned toward flat power transmission belts for yarn manufacturing.  This later led to the addition of lightweight conveyor belting to the product line and subsequently, expansion into other industries.